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Elective Courses

For the full list of currently-offered courses that can be taken as DH electives, please see this list on Explore Courses.

When choosing electives, it may be helpful to think about them as part of the topical clusters listed below. Not all of the courses below may be available this year, but the clusters are representative of the kinds of courses compatible with the DH minor. You might wish to focus your study on one cluster, with one or two courses from related clusters, or you might want to prioritize breadth in your studies.

Artistic Production

  • ARTSTUDI 147: Art Book Object
  • ARTSTUDI 171: Photography I: Digital
  • ARTSTUDI 171S: Photography I: Digital
  • ARTSTUDI 177: Video Art I
  • ME 125: Visual Frontiers
  • MUSIC 154A: Sound Art (ARTSTUDI 131)
  • MUSIC 220A: Fundamentals of Computer-Generated Sound
  • MUSIC 422: Perceptual Audio Coding

Computational Analysis

  • COMM 106: Communication Research Methods (COMM 206)
  • COMM 177P: Programming in Journalism (COMM 277P)
  • CS 106A: Programming Methodology (ENGR 70A)
  • CSRE 180B: Introduction to Data Analysis (SOC 180B)
  • ENGLISH 184E: Literary Text Mining
  • LINGUIST 284: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning (CS 224N)
  • POLISCI 150B: Machine Learning for Social Scientists (POLISCI 355B)
  • SOC 258C: Using Data to Describe the World: Descriptive Social Science Research Techniques (EDUC 430C)
  • STATS 195: Introduction to R (CME 195)


  • ARTSTUDI 168: Data as Material
  • CLASSICS 115: Mapping the Grand Tour: Digital Methods for Historical Data (ITALIAN 115, HISTORY 238C)
  • COMM 124: Lies, Trust, and Tech (COMM 224)
  • COMM 154: The Politics of Algorithms (COMM 254, CSRE 154T, SOC 154)
  • CSRE 180B: Introduction to Data Analysis (SOC 180B)
  • SOC 31N: Social Networks
  • STATS 101: Data Science 101


  • ME 101: Visual Thinking
  • ME 120: History and Philosophy of Design
  • ME 125: Visual Frontiers


  • AMSTUD 145: Silicon Valley
  • ANTHRO 119B: Tech Ethics and Ethnography: The Human in Human-Computer Interaction
  • PHIL 20N: Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence
  • PSYCH 35: Minds and Machines (LINGUIST 35, PHIL 99, SYMSYS 1, SYMSYS 200)
  • STS 1: The Public Life of Science and Technology


  • ARTSTUDI 148P: The Hybrid Print
  • CS 56N: Great Discoveries and Inventions in Computing
  • ENGLISH 122: Medieval Manuscripts, Digital Methodologies (DLCL 122)
  • HISTORY 1B: Global History: The Early Modern World, 1300 to 1800
  • HISTORY IC: Global History: The Modern Age
  • HISTORY 102: History of the International System (INTNLREL 102)
  • PHIL 61: Philosophy and the Scientific Revolution (HPS 61)
  • SOC 31N: Social Networks
  • STS 1: The Public Life of Science and Technology


  • AFRICAAM 200N: Funkentelechy: Technologies, Social Justice and Black Vernacular Cultures (STS 200N)
  • CSRE 180A: Foundations of Social Research (SOC 180A, SOC 280A)
  • HISTORY 244F: Beyond Pink and Blue: Gender in Tech (FEMGEN 344F, HISTORY 344F)


  • ENGLISH 50B: A Humanist's Guide to Art, Community, Design, and the Earth
  • LINGUIST 121B: Crosslinguistic Syntax
  • LINGUIST 180: From Languages to Information (CS 124, LINGUIST 280)
  • LINGUIST 188: Natural Language Understanding
  • LINGUIST 284: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning (CS 224N)

Media Studies

  • AMSTUD 1B: Media, Culture, and Society (COMM 1B)
  • ARTSTUDI 147: Art Book Object
  • ARTSTUDI 169: Virtual Reality: The Possibility and Peril of Immersive Artwork
  • ARTSTUDI 236: Future Media, Media Archaeologies (MUSIC 236)
  • COMM 177I: Investigative Watchdog Reporting (COMM 277I)
  • COMM 281: Exploring Computational Journalism (CS 206)
  • GLOBAL 135: Around the World in Ten Films (FILMSTUD 135, FILMSTUD 335)

Urban Studies

  • ANTHRO 42: Megacities
  • HISTORY 107: Introduction to Urban Studies (URBANST 110)
  • URBANST 113: Introduction to Urban Design: Contemporary Urban Design in Theory and Practice
  • URBANST 123B: Approaching Research in the Community: Design and Methods (CSRE 146B)