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The Minor in Digital Humanities bridges humanistic inquiry with digital methods and tools, allowing students to generate new questions that foster innovative interdisciplinary research. Develop your critical skills in technological experimentation and humanistic thinking and take them beyond the academic setting!

Choose among three Digital Humanities emphases: Geospatial Humanities, Quantitative Textual Analysis, and Text Technologies. 

To graduate with a Minor in Digital Humanities, you must complete the following program of six (6) courses (20 units minimum): one CORE course (4 or 5 units) and five ELECTIVES (3 units or more).


Complete one (1) of the core DH courses.


Complete five (5) elective courses from the approved list.

Sample Program Proposals

These sample program proposals have been included for reference in helping students conceptualize a program of study. If you want help organizing your study plan, please contact the DH Minor Director, Dr. Alice Staveley.  She can help you develop an intellectual rationale for diverse interests and approve elective courses if they fit the mandate of the program but are not on the approved list.

Data and Ethics proposal

This DH minor proposal focuses on developing computational text analysis skills, and considering the implications of applying those and other computational skills in society.

  • Core: ENGLISH184E: Literary Text Analysis
  • Electives:
    • CS 106A: Programming Methodology
    • SOC 180B: Introduction to Data Analysis
    • LINGUIST 284: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning
    • COMM 124: Lies, Trust, and Tech
    • CS 181: Computers, Ethics, and Public Policy

Art and Design proposal

This DH minor proposal focuses on artistic production and design considerations across time and media.

  • Core: DLCL 122 | English 122: Medieval Manuscripts, Digital Methodologies
  • Electives:
    • ‚ÄčAMSTUD 120: Digital Media in Society
    • ARTSTUDI 236: Future Media, Media Archaeologies
    • CLASSICS 160: Design Thinking for the Creative Humanities
    • ME 120: History and Philosophy of Design
    • ARTSTUDI 147: Art Book Object

Urban Spaces proposal

This DH minor proposal looks at urban spaces from a variety of disciplinary perspectives.

  • Core: Classics 115 | History 238C | Italian 115 | English 115: Mapping the Grand Tour: Digital Methods for Historical Data
  • Electives:
    • CLASSICS 156: Design of Cities (ARCHLGY 156, CLASSICS 256)
    • HISTORY 107: Introduction to Urban Studies (URBANST 110)
    • CEE 345: Network Analysis for Urban Systems
    • LINGUIST 55N: Language in the City
    • URBANST 105: The Hipster and the City: Race, Ethnicity, Hip-Hop, and Gentrification in Oakland

      Reimagining Technofutures Proposal

Students critically explore the interplay between emerging technologies and social reception. Drawing on interdisciplinary analysis of poetics, history, aesthetics, and politics, this course plan seeks to expand and cultivate nuanced perspectives on the ways in which technology is developed, deployed, and consumed in society today, thereby shaping the technofutures ot tomorrow.

  • Core: Text Technologies: AFRICAST 117: African Archive Beyond Colonization


1. AFRICAAM 200N: Funkentelechy: Technologies, Social Justice, and Black Vernacular Cultures

2. CS 106A: Programming Methodology

3. SYMSYS 1: Minds & Machines

4. AMSTUD 120: Digital Media in Society 

5. ARTSTUDI 236: Future Media, Media Archaeologies

Breadth proposal

This DH minor proposal enables the student to explore a diverse set of eclectic topics related to digital research, ethics, design, and artistic production.

  • Core: HISTORY104: Introduction to Geospatial Humanities
  • Electives:
    • COMM124: Lies, Trust, and Tech
    • COMM145: Personality and Digital Media
    • ME120: History and Philosophy of Design
    • CLASSICS160: Design Thinking for the Creative Humanities
    • ARTSTUDI143E: Cellphone Photography